Karunakar Tripathi
Feb 20, 2021
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Indian Journalist Association Prayagraj honored the Corona Warriors Certificate by giving journalists and social workers.

Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

 A meeting of the Indian Journalist Association was convened in the premises of Udaan Coaching Institute near Rambagh railway station in Prayagraj district under the support of the Indian Journalist Association Prayagraj unit.  Along with the office bearers and members of the association and other journalists, social workers were also present in this meeting.  In the meeting, in view of the fair work done by journalists during Karona period and the work done by social workers, the comrades were honored by giving Corona Warriors Certificate under the banner of Indian Journalist Association.  District President of the Indian Journalist Association, M. Rizwan, gave directions to the members and officials regarding the expansion of the institution.  A new outline was prepared in the meeting when the heart happy guests of the meeting, Purvanchal General Secretary Salman Ahmed, on the recommendation of National President Jr. Seraj Ahmad Quraishi and State President Purvanchal Giriraj Singh, District President of Prayagraj, Mo.  While promoting Rizwan, Prayagraj was announced as the Zonal President and Prayagraj district was promoted as Radhe Krishna Tiwari.
 As soon as the Purvanchal General Secretary declared the Zonal President of the district Prayagraj to Mohammed Rizwan, similarly Mohammed Rizwan, who was the District President, expressed his thanks to the high officials and pledged to carry out the responsibilities given by the institution with integrity.
 At the same time, Radhe Krishna Tiwari expressed gratitude by thanking the high officials as soon as he became the District President and assured the people that the former officers and members appointed by the institution will continue to receive the same respect and keep an eye on every step when needed.  The instructions given by the institution were followed by the district president in the past.
 During this program, District Vice President Dr. Mithilesh Pathak, Law Advisor Gopal G. Khare, District Secretary Ranjit Nishad, Members Subir Dutta, Riyaz Ahmed Siddiqui, Kunwarji Nishad, Satyam Nishad, Rajeev Prajapati, Anant Pandey, Afroz Siddiqui, Akshat Upadhyay, Amit Tiwari  , Rakesh Kesarwani, Rajik, Hariom Kesarwani, Somraj Verma, Anil Soni, Rahul Dev Nishad, Mohammad Imran, Sanjeev Chawla, Arun Vishwakarma, Prateek Agrawal, etc. were present.

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