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Dec 31, 2020
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Commemorative meeting and seminar concluded on 3rd death anniversary of freedom fighter Pt. Ramasingar Dhar Dwivedi.

 Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

 A memorial meeting was held on the third death anniversary of freedom fighter Pt. Ramasingar Dhar Dwivedi.  After discussing the personality and work in the seminar, his role in the freedom movement and his work as a social worker was highlighted.  The new generation needs to take inspiration from their ideals.
 While addressing the program organized under the auspices of Pt. Ramasingar Dhar Dwivedi Smriti Vichar Manch, National President of Indian Journalist Association, Jr. Seraj Ahmad Quraishi said that the works of Pt. Ramasingar will always be remembered.  He was dear to everyone due to his humble, soft-tempered nature.  Speakers said that if we follow their ideals and plan and be active in upliftment of the year throughout the year, this will be a true tribute to them.  The person remains with the body of the work, this is the state of immortality.  The soul is immortal and imperishable.
  Earlier, the program was a floral ceremony and peace lesson.  Program convenor Akhileshwar Dhar Dwivedi threw light on the works of the stage.  Finally, Geeta Shloka was again recited peace.
 On this occasion, Narendra Dhar Dwivedi Advocate, Omkar Dhar Dwivedi, Jyotishacharya Dr.  Sujit Ji Maharaj, Jagdish Dhar Dwivedi, Devendra Dhar Dwivedi Advocate, Jitendra Dhar Dwivedi, Pt. Daya Shankar, Hari Nandan Pandey Advocate, Sachchidanand Advocate, Dr.  Vijay Mishra, Irfan Khan, Akhileshwar Dhar Dwivedi National Organization Secretary Indian Journalist Association, etc. were present.

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