Karunakar Tripathi
Nov 12, 2020
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Barpeta, Assam.

Parag Bhuiyan, a prominent journalist from Kakapathar in Tinsukia district, died in a road accident.  While returning home from duty, an unknown vehicle crushed the journalist.  As a result, honest, fearless journalist Parag Bhuyan died in hospital during treatment.  Family members described the accident as a prefabricated incident.  Drugs, coal, smugglers and various types of corruption are reported daily in the Times News Channel, Asomiya Khabar.  He also reported on a syndicate of select leaders of the ruling BJP.  Therefore, it is not easy to accept this phenomenon.  The Barpeta district "IJA" committee expressed deep sorrow over the untimely death of the journalist.  The committee has demanded a high-level inquiry into the case and justice for the journalist's family.  The committee also seeks to identify the person behind the pollen accident and will give appropriate punishment.
 The Indian Journalist Association (IJA) has said that unless a law is enacted to ensure the safety of journalists, the journalists of the country will continue to die at the hands of persecuted and vicious circles.
 Azizul Haque, the executive chairman of the Barpeta Indian Journalist Association district committee, has demanded legal action to protect the lives of journalists.  Journalist and District Executive President Azizul Haque also demanded that the Assam government pay adequate compensation to the family members of Parag Bhuiyan.

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