Apr 15, 2020
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 Lakhisarai, Bihar.    Indian Journalist Association Lakhisarai has demanded an economic package for all the journalists of the district with District Magistrate Shobhendra Kumar Chaudhary, District President Sunil Kumar said that by applying to the District Magistrate for financial assistance to all journalists, Mr. Kumar said that journalists also work like Majdoor  Do and lock down  Journalists have also been upset due to this, many states have talked about providing financial assistance to journalists. Under this, Indian Journalist Association has also demanded financial help for journalists in Lakhisarai district. Association district president Sunil Kumar said that Corona  Journalists have also played their role hard in this battle against, and every moment in dealing with Corona, the police administration has cooperated and people  Worked to create awareness through news from the government through the DM has been applied to provide the funding.

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