Feb 09, 2020
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Connect the journalists with the association and make them active and struggling, and solve the harassment promptly - Ranjan Kumar Chakraborty    Guwahati, Assam.    The State Committee of Assam Unit Ranjan Kumar Chakraborty Amar Assam (Guwahati) expanded the State Committee on the consent of the National Journalist Association National President Jr.Seraj Ahmad Quraishi.  as written below -    1. State President - Ranjan Kumar Chakraborty, Amar Assam (Guwahati)    2. State Vice President - Hemant Sharma Doornir Darpan (Udalguri)    3. State Vice President - Dasharatha Kakati, Ganna Adhikari (Kamrup)    4. State General Secretary - Ashwini Gogoi, Assam News (Guwahati)    5. State Secretary - Neil Das, The Assam Post (Guwahati)    6. State Organization Secretary - Mohammad Javed Ali, Gana Khabar (Tinsukia)    7. State Council Member - Mohammad Sadiq, First News Assam (Baksa)    8- State Council Member - Ranjita Devi, Janmabhoomi (Guwahati)    9. State Council Member - Shahzur Rahman, 4 TV News (Barpeta)    Expecting all the officials from expanding the Journalist Association of Assam Journal Committee, State President Ranjan Kumar Chakraborty said that all the cities and villages of Assam will be connected with the association and make them strong, active and struggling.  Protest with promptness on the incidents of journalist harassment.  Journalists will continue to struggle till the security law is implemented.    The newly elected office bearers of the Indian Journalist Association Assam unit were national president Jr. Seraj Ahmad Quraishi, national vice president M. Parvez, Satyendra Mishra, national general secretary M.  Irfanullah Khan, National Organization Secretary Akhileshwar Dhar Dwivedi, National Law Advisor Sanobar Ali Qureshi, National Council Member M.  Ajazul Haque, M.  Rafi Khan, State President Bihar Ranjit Samrat, State President Jharkhand Pramod Paswan, State President Purvanchal Giriraj Singh, State President Kerala Jalil T.A., State President Jammu and Kashmir Fayaz Qureshi, State President Orissa Samarendra Raut, State President Chhattisgarh Mazhar Iqbal,  State President Awadh Pradesh Abhishek Srivastava, State President Punjab Suresh Rahej, State President Haryana Rattan lal Jagera, state president  Madhya Pradesh Abdul Haseeb Qureshi, president wishes the Maharashtra have Satish Madhukar Rao Mahamuni so happy.

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