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May 04, 2021
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The State Government 20 lakhs to be given to family members on the death of journalist Vinod Kumar Verma from Covid. 

 Lakhisarai, Bihar.

 On the death of Corona, a respected member of the Indian Journalist Association Lakhisarai and Bureau Chief of Dainik Bhaskar, Vinod Kumar Verma, a condolence meeting was organized under the leadership of Sunil Kumar, District President of the Indian Journalist Association.
 Chief Minister Nitish Kumar congratulated the Indian Journalist Association Bihar unit for including all journalists including electronic, print, web media by the Government of Bihar.
  The Indian Journalist Association Lakhisarai demanded Rs 20 lakh for the death of Lakhisarai's Dainik Bhaskar bureau chief Vinod Kumar Verma and other journalists who were dead from the corona as a frontline worker.
 District President Sunil Kumar said that his untimely death has caused a lot of damage to the journalism world.  He was well known for his bold, honest journalism.  The news of his death has triggered a wave of mourning in all journalists.  And Lord Shiva can comfort his soul and give strength to his family.
 On this occasion, Bihar Pradesh President Ranjit Samrat said that in the last days, one after the other journalists have been heartbroken by the death of Corona, writing to Indian Journalist Association Lakhisarai Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the category of frontline worker to journalists  With the inclusion in the government, a demand of 20 lakh rupees has been given to the families of the victims on the death of the journalist partner from Covid-19.  Immediate grant of 20 lakh rupees to the dependent family of Vinod Kumar Verma, a well-known journalist and bureau chief of Dainik Bhaskar of Lakhisarai city, along with a government job to his family members.
 In this condolence meeting Arvind Kumar, Dr. Laxmi Prasad Singh, Ranjit Kumar Samrat, Manoj Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Vishwanath Gupta, Sudhakar Pandey, Chandan Mishra, Vinay Kumar, Santosh Gupta, Amlesh Pandey, Dev Kumar, Vijay Jha, Sikandar Vidarthi, Kumar  Himanshu, Ramayan Singh Rajput and many other journalists and leaders of political parties were present.

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