Seraj Ahmad
23 Aug, 2019
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For journalists' safety law in Bihar, journalists have filled the struggle, under the banner of the Indian Journalist Association    Bihar Government is committed to the social and economic security of journalists - Neeraj Kumar    To maintain the fourth pillar, the security of journalists is essential - Veena Devi    Journalist honors ceremony and state convention held in Patna by Indian Journalist Association, Bihar unit    Patna, Bihar.    State-level press conference co-awards ceremony was successfully concluded under the aegis of Indian Journalist Association, Bihar State.  Presided by State President Ranjit Kumar Samrat  As the chief guest, Information and Public Relations minister Neeraj Kumar, a special guest former MP Munger Veena Devi, highly respected national president, Indian Journalist Association, Jr. Seraj Ahmad Quraishi was present.  The guests were welcomed with bouquets and wreaths.  On this occasion, the guests were honored with a shawl and a memento for the guests.  The presence of women journalists in the program is also very good.  

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